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For sale: The EEstor Dream?
Mon, 19 Mar 2012, 12:30pm by nekote

Monday, March 19, 2012 9:48 AM
Ported from B's original article:
For sale: The EEstor Dream?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Eestor has officially launched a line of Eestor collectors items?

Or, they are out shall we

Let the debates begin!!!!

UPDATE #1: So, it looks like EEStor is selling some equipment which they haven't used "in production."

There are 10 pieces of equipment up for bid from EEStor on The equipment costs range from $2500-$95,000 and include a free Zenn electric car. The photos appear to have been taken at the end of February. Most of the items seem to reside in some sort of storage holding area but the Dispensing System seems like maybe it is onsite at EEStor. In fact, if you look into the glass on the Dispensing System, you can almost see the reflection of a fully operational EESU on a table in the background. Nah, kidding. The item description notes: "EEStor, Inc. was planning on using the system to print capacitor dielectric layers with a set of valves attached to the CNC plate and controlled by the system controller."

None of the items supported the notion that pet rocks were being manufactured at EEStor.

EEStor Inc. Equipment For sale

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 9:48 AM ET
Ported from B's orginal article:
Envia Systems: ARPA-E's Greatest Success To Date?
2012 ARPA-E Technology Showcase
Envia Co-Founder, Sujeet Kumar with A123 Systems' Yet-Ming Chiang

The 2012 ARPA-E Innovation Summit kicked off this week amid ongoing reports

of renewable energy's funeral toll and various politically oriented DOE quasi-scandals. The pressure to deliver a winner is so intense at this time, DOE recently hired a full time psychologist to deal with the pervasive loss of fingernails (due to biting) among & between staff. To make matters worse, the Red Phone in the White House has been reprogrammed to ring Arun Majumdar in hopes that something--anything--might emerge as a success this election year. As everything goes into slow motion, and the buzzer is just about to sound, Envia Systems has slipped through the crowd to catch ARPA-E's first game winning touchdown. It is no exaggeration to say this is a very big deal.

1) 400wh/kg
2) Automotive Grade (not a prototype)
3) $150/kwh
4) Validated by US Navy Testing
5) General Motors Funding of $17Mil

This combination of factors seems to be, quite clearly, the exact sort of breakthrough ARPA-E was designed to achieve. After another round of cycle testing at the Navy's Crane, IN facilities, we should be in a prime position to declare this ARPA-E's greatest victory to date which in turn would be the Department of Energy's greatest victory to date which in turn would be the Obama Administration's greatest victory to date. Consider the following rationale.

Envia's battery has the ability to create sub $20,000 electric cars (with no range problems even for heavy Americans) which when factored with total cost of ownership and with modest gains in production efficiencies, will make electric cars superior to gas powered vehicles....economically. As a country, we spend around $1 Trillion/year on foreign oil and another $1 Trillion on Dept of Defense whose main mission is to protect our energy supply lines. Eliminating those two misappropriations of US wealth holds the power to restore economic growth and spur innovation unlike anything we have seen to date. (I know. It's all very convincing. )

It's no wonder then that A123 Systems founder Yet-Ming Chiang stopped by the Envia booth at the ARPA-E Summit this week to ask a few questions... and congratulate them on their success. Chiang spent at least 20 minutes with the Envia founders and flipped through the Navy test result report they had on hand. He was visibly impressed. So does that mean Envia takes over A123 Systems as the next battery innovator on which people with deep pockets place their hope? That's not exactly clear since Envia's business model calls for "selling cathode material to cell vendors" such as A123 ... which would make a lot of sense. Companies like A123 have invested in production/manufacturing equipment. Envia doesn't want to go through a ramp cycle like that--they simply want to insert their innovation into existing infrastructure for speed to market. Yes, this is a glimmer of genuine hope for people who have waited patiently for an American energy storage breakthrough.

Torch Bearers of the Lithium Ion Tradition

But is it actually a true American success? Not exactly. The investors to date comprise an international consortium of venture and business concerns including American, Canadian and Japanese companies. This is an internationally funded company, i.e., not a straight play American company. Even though Envia's headquarters are in Newark, CA, it's manufacturing facility is in Jiaxing, China which raises interesting questions about Envia's intention to actually develop anything substantive in the United States. It does not appear that they do. At least not in the Obama Administration sense of creating manufacturing jobs in the United States. :-( And finally, as we've stated before, lithium ion solutions will always have a question around the origins of the lithium -- most of which is foreign.

So, yes, there is still room to sit around and wait for something better which leaves us to our increasingly lonely practice of speculating about EEStor...and Recapping. And...?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 2:42 PM ET
Ported from B's original article:
New Recapping Patent Publishes (EEStor Competitor Perks Up)

Porter's apologies.
I had done all the porting work but somehow failed to post it.
So, this isn't "new"

"High energy density electrical energy storage devices

Document Type and Number:

United States Patent Application 20120034528
Kind Code:

High electrical energy density storage devices are disclosed. The devices include electrochemical capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, hybrid electrochemical-electrolytic capacitors and secondary batteries. Advantageously, the energy storage devices may employ core-shell protonated perovskite submicron or nano particles in composite films that have one or more shell coatings on a protonated perovskite core particle, proton bearing and proton conductive. The shells may be formed of proton barrier materials as well as of electrochemically active materials in various configurations.
Wendman, Mark A. (Freemont, CA, US)

Application Number:
Publication Date:
Filing Date:
View Patent Images:
Download PDF 20120034528 PDF help
Export Citation:

Click for automatic bibliography generation
Recapping, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA, US)
Primary Class:
Other Classes:
429/304, 429/314, 429/310, 429/316, 429/319, 252/182.1, 252/62.2, 361/525, 977/742, 977/780
International Classes:
H01M10/02; H01M4/50; H01M4/54; H01M4/58; H01G9/025; H01M4/48; H01M4/52; B82Y30/00"


Tom Villars says, "This is a continuation of the Recapping/Penn State patent application 12/656,463"

Thanks to DeedleTwo. Mark was clearly snoozing.

Porter's comment: hey, hey, hey. No dissing Mark. (Yes. I know. Said with genuine respect and appreciation. Just B's flat humor.)

UPDATE 27 Feb 2012:
I noticed that Recapping has updated their ARPA page with an interesting PDF file.>

The program fact sheet now includes a chart that I've never noticed before.

This graph should eliminate any doubt about their intention to create something with energy density greater than lithium ion.

The project terminates June 30, 2012. Every indication I have so far indicates they have been successful in their research....what exactly that entails in TBD.

Stay tuned.

Maybe. Maybe not.
Thu, 09 Feb 2012, 5:26pm by nekote

Thursday, February 9, 2012 4:20 PM ET
Ported from B's article:
Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanks FM. You freak.

Fresh EEStor Controversy
Sun, 22 Jan 2012, 10:41am by nekote

Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:31 PM ET
Ported from B's original article:
Fresh EEStor Controversy

Black & Decker. Boeing. Snap-On Tools. Vectrix Corporation. Lockheed Martin. According to new documents released by the USPTO, EEStor's use of the EESU trademark began with "budgetary quotes" submitted to these prospective customers going back to 2002/2003 time frame.

But are price quotes sufficient activity to constitute actual use of the EESU trademark in commerce?

Read this.

Or did EEStor actually ship test units once upon a time?

What's intriguing about the quotes is some of the listed battery specs. The charge times listed aren't the 5 minute charge we've grown accustomed to hearing. Instead the various battery sizes include charge times measured in hours....up to 12.

Thursday, January 5, 2012 12:19 PM ET
Ported from B's original article:
Aggressive EEStor Skeptic Claims Lockheed Support for EEStor Debacle: Opens Hornet's Nest with Prominent Canadian Attorney Now Running Zenn? (probably not)

B wrote:

UPDATE: According to a trusted source, Mr. Brewer is not the source of the controversial sentiments passed along by Mr. Istivan.

Additionally, according to Craig Van Bebber, the current agreement between EEStor and Lockheed has not changed and is still active.

Rud Istivan is a motivated EEStor skeptic who has enough bravado to make his objections to EEStor Inc.'s validity extremely public. Last night, he has made a direct attack on EEStor with a claim of Lockheed Martin support. A former colleague of Mort Topfer's at Motorola, Istivan has a significant and accomplished career to stand upon when making a technological claim. I've spoken with him on multiple occasions and think that despite his conflicts of interest (since he has business interests which would be damaged by EEStor's success), he is genuinely bothered by what appears to him as obvious fraud on the part of EEStor. Before you conclude this is a technology rival whose head has popped off, keep in mind Istivan has a BA, MBA and a JD from Harvard, graduating cum laude from Harvard Law School. He IS the most reputable and learned person to loudly and publicly challenge EEStor's claims. It is fair to say he is actively challenging them to sue him with this latest claim. If they don't attempt to sue him, it is also very fair to say it diminishes EEStor's credibility. There is no other way to frame the situation in my incompetent and probably wrong opinion.

As for the facts, here is what Istivan posted last night (4 Jan 2012) in the forums:

I was wrong about Zenn. Thought for sure it would be bankrupt by now, as opposed to merely hanging on by a thread under new management.Another year has passed without your 'reveal'. As previously posted late in 2008, EESTOR is most likely impossible on multiple grounds, any single one of which would be fatal.

It appears these collectively have proven so, despite your collective vehement denials. BTW, I had a very amusing conversation with a senior Lockheed exec in December at a famous global energy storage conference, the 21st of that series, concerning their deal with EEStor. Their sum and substance was embarrassment, regret, and denial. You don't have to believe me. Call them. But you really should have been at that world conference yourselves, as opposed to merely being avatars on this site. Auf Wiedersehen.

Obviously, Istivan is attacking not only Zenn Motor Company & EEStor Inc but also Cormark Securities Inc's' Vice Chairman Jim Kofman who now runs Zenn. Lest we forget Kofman is ... an attorney and accomplished former UBS Securities bad ass who happens to be the brother of ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman. Let's not candy coat this statement by Esquire Istivan. His statement, if extended reasonably, is in direct contradiction to Zenn CEO Kofman's statements at Zenn's 2011 Annual General Meeting in which he said, "I take joining a board very seriously due to the liability so you have to ask yourself why a guy like me would join this board." Has Istivan asked himself Esquire Kofman's question? We don't know yet mostly because I'm a lazy & admittedly incompetent journalist (but hanging in there til relief arrives).

Not a lot of investigative journalists have investigated members of their own family.... for obvious reasons. But the EEStory presents this possibility as a question worth considering since Jeffrey Kofman has produced several stories related to legacy and renewable energy issues including stories on environmental topics. The conflict in play would be one advanced by traditional energy market players who could reasonably say that Jeffrey Kofman underplays or will underplay genuine obstacles to the success of renewable energy enablers like EEStor. It would be ridiculous to think Jeffrey Kofman would comment on this situation? But it would be equally silly to think traditional energy titans would disregard Jeff Kofman's potential connection to brother Jim Kofman's renewable energy enterprise in relation to future renewable energy stories. Before you roll your eyes out of their sockets, keep in mind, we're not talking about an incremental improvement to a wind turbine or solar panel, we're talking about an energy storage capability which changes the entire economics of renewable energy in relation to traditional energy markets which equate to around $7Tril/yr. This is a very very very big deal. Theoretically, if Jeffrey Kofman created another widely viewed story on renewable energy, he could be attacked on his family connection to Jim Kofman .... rightly or wrongly.

Wait a second. Stop the production of this article right there. Stop! Woh, Nelly....wooohh!!! These last two and a half or so paragraphs appear now to be the lunatic ravings of a deranged mind loose on the keyboard with a bottle of juice and an intermittent muahaha.....all crazy talk! This is NOT--I repeat NOT-- a fight between Rud Istivan and ABC Correspondent & accomplished investigative journalist Jeffrey Kofman. This is a fight between Rud Istivan and Tom, Dick, Betty & Greg Weir and probably Lucas Pettey. It is also a fight between Rud Istivan and Ian Clifford and now of course, Cormark Securities Inc's Vice Chairman, attorney Jim Kofman. The part dragging in Jeffrey Kofman was so far of a stretch it is ludiridiculous. Forget I said any of that. Really Dumb! Let's get back to the rest of this article with that clarification and edit now applied herewith.

What about Lockheed Martin? According to Istivan, a "senior exec" spoke for "their" or Lockheed's "sum and substance" in regard to EEStor.... declaring the relationship created no more than "embarrassment, regret and denial" for Lockheed. That is one hell of an indictment to attribute to a multi-billion dollar organization and I look forward to learning whether or not Lockheed's official spokesman for the Missiles and Fire Control business unit, Craig Van Bebber will establish clarity on what's going on here. Query is submitted.
Rud Istivan Moving & Shaking

Now, let's get down to business here. Who in the world is Istivan referring to in relation to the claimed statements? Well, the only 21st edition of a storage conference I am aware of personally is the International Seminar on Double Layer Capacitors & Hybrid Energy Storage Devices organized by Nikola Marincic. If we look at the Program for this particular conference, we see a familiar cast of characters hereto referred to affectionately as "the establishment" of capacitors and energy storage. Yes, all the greats were here--the ones who have no reason other than physics to be upset with EEStor. Let's see, there's

John Miller

Long ago famed commentator,
Andrew Burke

Wait a second, could it be? Could it? Yes, here he is holding court with his own views on energy storage breakthroughs, Mr. Rud Istivan.
Nice R. Brewer aka Mark Twain IV

The only Lockheed person on the agenda is a one R. Brewer, who, submitted a presentation on "Electrical Energy Storage to meet Evolving Aircraft Needs." Brewer hails from Marietta, GA, location of the fabled energy storage production facility involving EEStor. Question for Istivan. Is this researcher really a "Sr Executive" at Lockheed? He looks like a very nice energy storage researcher and part time re-enactment actor for events requiring a Mark Twain lookalike. I'm not sure he is an executive, however.

To wrap up here, a second look at Istivan's statements reveals less rigidity than one might think. Note the use of "likely" "appears" "most likely" etc. Plenty of wiggle room. Actually appears to be a carefully architected statement by a man who knows how to cover his ass. Ah shit, forget this whole article then. There's no fight here to be had. Please disperse. Go back to your Lockheed cubicle, your Cormark executive lounge or retirement barcalounger. Watch more UFO documentaries on the History Channel. Eat peanuts. Wait for Dick Weir. Wait & wait. Wait, wait & wait.

Where are you Y_PO!? In there somewhere muttering 'idiot' is my guess.

Is this the sun setting on the Lockheed / EEStor Friendship Contract Agreement?

Photo Credit: The photos linked to in this article are published at

From Raw Materials to End Product
Sun, 18 Dec 2011, 7:42pm by nekote

Saturday, December 17, 2011 8:25 PM ET
Ported from B's original article:
From Raw Materials to End Product

For years now, EEStorians have scoured the Internet for the smallest tidbit of new information about EEStor in order to dissect every piece of data from every angle leading into the never terminating debate we all love so much. One frequent source hit by the cadre is Unfortunately, some of you have been asleep at the wheel and allowed me to regain my mojo when it comes to EEStor scoops. Actually, I can't claim credit for anonymous researcher with skills way beyond my own offered it to me.

Well here it is. The Manager of Research & Development at EEStor has published what he has been up to at EEStor for the past 4.5years. I'm talking about Lucas Pettey. Debaters start your engines!!!

What he has been doing at EEStor is summarized here,

Product development for a thin film polymer-ceramic composite capacitor based energy storage device including all manufacturing steps from raw materials to end product.

Discussion Questions

1) Why now? Is EEStor's rule of secrecy over?
2) Isn't updating your LinkedIn profile like updating your resume, i.e., job hunting?
3) "frequency dependent electrical properties of thin films," "impedance spectroscopy measurements of the dielectric properties of doped ceramic powders," "3 key patent pending processes to increase product voltage breakdown and prevent product degradation," & "lab to pilot scale." EEStor secrets?
4) Is EEStor ready to move into full production or folding?

If the Contact settings for LinkedIn can be believed, Pettey is looking for work:

Contact Lucas for:

career opportunities
consulting offers
new ventures
job inquiries
expertise requests
business deals

I call this the resume that shocked the EEStor world! He is certainly a smart guy. Is he throwing in the towel or advertising his prestige? Don't let me answer for you. Sound off.


ZNN Trading Halt?
Sun, 27 Nov 2011, 8:00am by nekote

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9:50 AM ET
Ported for B's original article:
ZNN Trading Halt?

We've been here before. Don't get your hopes too high.

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