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Sun, 29 Jan 2012, 5:42pm OT) Cure & Prevent Prostate Problems ! »
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jimbobway wrote:

Grizz, thanks for the advice and I appreciate it.

I have significantly reduced my carb intake (including wheat products). I have high blood sugar and I am convinced any amount of high process carbs is bad for anyone since it causes spikes in blood sugar.

I take 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Gonna look into this iodine stuff now. I know that multivitamins contain iodine so I think I may be getting enough.

Multi-Vitamins do contain iodine, but only 150 mcg. You need 10+ times more than that for good health. Every cell in your body requires iodine, especially the brain, prostate & thyroid. Do your Iodine Skin Patch Test to see how deficient you are.

Iodine Patch Test
I’m now going to demonstrate how you can test yourself for whether you have enough iodine in your body or not, it’s called the “iodine patch test” … you simply take a bottle of Lugol’s 5% iodine,[Amazon.Com] or another form of iodine, put some of it on your skin … let it absorb into your skin … in the area of about one-inch square is sufficient, of course, we let it dry, we can see the reddish-brown color of the iodine.

How to interpret the results of the test are: if all of this color is absorbed through your skin into the body in less then eight hours, you have a very severe deficiency of iodine in your body; eight to sixteen hours, you have a moderate deficiency; sixteen to twenty-four hours, you have a slight to moderate deficiency. Only if it takes twenty-four hours or more for this to slowly fade away, does it indicate that you have enough iodine in your body, …which, according to Dr. Guy Abraham, is 1500 milligrams total quantity of iodine in a full-saturated iodine patient.

This is a simple way, and although it is easy to do, it apparently correlates very well with the much more scientific, medical, and technical way of testing for iodine, which is to take a loading dose and check a 24-hour urine [sample] to see how much of it you’ve dumped out of your body, …the rest of it, presumably, having been absorbed into your tissues. This is an easy way … you can do this test every one to two weeks, as you’re trying to do your loading on the Lugol’s iodine, as outlined by Dr. Guy Abraham, M.D..

My 1st skin test, the stain was GONE in 3 minutes ! ! ! That is unbelievably deficient. Now 4 weeks into iodine supplements & it takes 3 hours for the stain to disappear. In the meantime, I went from 1mg (3 weeks) to 2 mg 1 week to 12 mg iodoral from Amazon.Com. 12 mg is the recommended dosage by Dr. Brownstein. I plan to stay at this dosage until my skin test passes the 24 hour mark, then cut back to 1 mg/day.

The other HUGE problem is that chemicals in our food & drinking water zap iodine from our bodies:Chemical halogens (class of chemicals to which iodine belongs) fluoride, bromine and bromides, and chlorine. Bromine is everywhere in bread, pesticides, makeup, hair coloring. So the pitiful 150 mcg in a multi-vitamin pill has zero chance of providing adequate iodine.

Judging from the impact on my life so far, iodine is a miracle supplement. Curing my insomnia and correcting my Prostate are HUGE. It feels great to once again piss like a Race Horse from the start-stop dribbling stream 4 weeks ago!

PS) Wheat does have a terrible impact on our health. See this site by Cardiologist Dr. Davis:
His book is AMAZING, and should be read by everyone in your family.

PSS) 2,000 IU Daily is not nearly enough Vitamin D3. Do your 25(oh)D blood test and it should read between 70 & 100 ng/ml. For most folks, this requires 10,000+ IU daily. At home blood test $65 or at your nearest Lab Corp for $50.


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