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Sat, 17 Mar 2012, 9:35pm OT Politics: you can discuss politics in this thread...but only here »
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But let's get serious now. You folks are debating politics when your leaders are getting ready for war?

This was an email I circulated to my group yesterday...

"Hi Guys,

There are only four reasons in support this supposition which means strikes could happen but frankly I suspect it may be more likely April/May:

1. It has been reported that the Israeli government has decided to move on Iran
2. The US aircraft carrier Enterprise is moving into position in the Med. Bringing to 3 the number of US carrier groups surrounding the designated war zone.
3. Why else would Obama go down on his hands and knees to the Saudis asking for more oil?
4. Why else would Obama consider dipping into the SPR and seek agreement from the UK to do the same?

Brent oil prices have gapped up (but only a tad) on the news flow...

These guys are nuts. I sure hope common sense prevails."

So while you republicans argue with you democrats, your country is about to have a shot at another million or two of the world's citizens?

What are you doing about that?

kind regards