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Thu, 03 Sep 2009, 11:26am Interview with Jacob Securities Inc. after EEStor visit »
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Good news is that Eestor is giving lots of tours in June and leaking interviews from June.

The bad news is that here we have yet another tour of the Eestor facility that leaves the burning question open of whether or not they actually have a working production line that produces EESUs. Ahhhhhhh..!

Lots of talk about scaling up, but no firm description of a production line that produces actual EESUs.

Maybe DW just needed more money in June to complete the production lines, so he talked to some investors on the phone (leaked out) and gave all these tours.

Love to be a fly on the wall at Eestor.

Update: Just finished the report. A very good summary of ZENN and Eestor. Be nice to have a report like this for other potential applications for Eestor because I could see EESU production ramping up much quicker than they project.

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