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Thu, 03 Sep 2009, 12:23pm Interview with Jacob Securities Inc. after EEStor visit »
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e'er wrote:

"ZMC and EEStor management are pragmatic people looking to maximize the return on their investment and the reach of the technology over the long term. They will not sign deals to just flood the market with product as quickly as possible."

Can someone explain this statement to me? I was under the impression that they would want to sell as many EESU's and rights agreements as possible as quickly as possible.

Sounds like someone is trying to lower expectations. Given what Dick Weir has said in the past, it seems like "flooding the market" is precisely EEStor's business strategy. In fact, the document also says

ZMC`s business plan after the cityZENN calls for a licensing model targeted at any and all OEMs.

Color me confused.

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