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Thu, 03 Sep 2009, 1:03pm Interview with Jacob Securities Inc. after EEStor visit »
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Colbey wrote:

sauron wrote:

What's with all this recent wave of tours, leaks and other activities? Does this mean that the veil of secrecy will be lifted soon? Maybe on September 9? Is this why Zenn is reporting at that conference on September 10?

What veil of secrecy?

It is completely abnormal, iresponsible and even idiotic for a company to build a production line without building prototypes first. Since EEStor didn't show prototypes to anybody then the assumption is that they have the prototypes and they work as claimed but they don't show them because they are a secretive company.

The other explanation is that they don't have the prototypes or they have them but they don't work (PROTOTYPES HAVE BEEN BUILT AND PROTOTYPES HAVE BEEN TESTED ... but they don't work) in which case they are scammers (most likely) or idiots (less likely) or both.

When I say prototypes, I don't mean a full EESU, prototype components would be enough, or even elements, hell, even cells would be great.