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Thu, 03 Sep 2009, 1:27pm Interview with Jacob Securities Inc. after EEStor visit »
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Some VERY interesting things in that Jacob Securities report!

First and foremost, it firmly buries any idea that EEStor has a factory (full-scale production facility) in *any* stage of development. It simply doesn't exist, period. The only manufacturing facility is the pilot production line in EEStor's Cedar Park office. (And at the risk of saying "I told you so", this is what I've been saying for some time now.)

Second, it provides a very welcome hard-headed look at the realities and difficulties of EEStor ramping up to industrial-scale production... assuming they *do* manage to overcome their current difficulties with developing the pilot production line. The report projects that EEStor will not begin full-scale production until 2011.

There is a *lot* of material there... it needs to be read more than once, and carefully. And keep in mind that most of this report is based solely on public info... the same info we've already seen. I think it's fair to say that the collective wisdom of this forum has perceived a few things which the people who put together this report did not. Frex the mention (in a footnote) of a "home EESU" used to charge the CityZENN. This is not likely to be a marketed product in the foreseeable future. Any EESUs appropriate for home use would also be appropriate for grid stabilization-- and the demand surely will be higher there.

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