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Lensman, good observations. And I agree with what you are saying. But I believe that the the reveal will enable government and business to see what an added bonus it would be to put this technology into action as swift as possible. The pilot line may be small but once its out it would be in the best interest of the country and the world to invest in this tech. In DW's own words for example having a "spare" unit attached to the grid for vehicle charging, at night 40% of the grid could be stored killing the perverbial 2 birds. Surely the government can see that if with incentives the consumer could shoulder some of the cost of expanding the grid system this would be worth investing in this technology. 2011 is a good guess on the EESU getting a foothold, but I'm betting that everyone is willing to invest in putting some people to work building manufacturing plants and employing a lot of unemployed factory workers into building a lot of EESU's.

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