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Interesting. Some intitial comments from the PDF :

Screen Printing Ink 1 (barium titanate ceramic powder, aluminum oxide, PET Plastic):

* The powder is coated with aluminum oxide, which is a very effective electrical insulator. We
assume this insulation is needed to maintain the integrity of the barium titanate at high voltages
that are applied across an EESU (high breakdown voltage rating).

I've never understood how a fully insulated material can also act as a dielectric. Maybe I slept through that lesson in Physics.

* A poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic powder is also added to the ink. This is the type of
soft plastic used in soft drink bottles. It also serves as a barrier, while reducing current leakage
and the aging of the barium titanate.

Would that be current leakage from the insulating AlO2 coating?

How does the PET reduce the ageing of the Barium Titanate when it is not in contact with it?

Does BaTiO2 age?

Page 27 sums up very nicely the level of Risk associated with ZENN and Page 28 sums up the current health of the company. As we all know, ZNN is extremely high risk and very vulnarable.

Nice quote from P29 :

"One of the advantages that the ZENN LSV had in 2007 and 2008 was it
looked and operated more like a car vs. its competitors’ offerings that came across as kitted out
golf cars."

This shows a unique perspective on the market for LSVs, and looking at the balance and order sheet, it is one which is proving to be out of tune with market demand.

In addition, it is interesting to see the forecast for 2010, which I personally expected to be bullish considering the impact of EESU delivery in that time frame. An LSV with a small EESU would have a significant competitive advantage. It would also have a shorter time to market than the CityZENN. This is not shown in the figures, but is shown in the disclosure on Page 32.

Finally : "We don`t anticipate a commercial EESU unit being delivered to ZMC until the end of
calendar 2009 (i.e. December). So conceivably, we don’t expect commercial demonstrations
in earnest using EESUs until calendar second quarter of 2010".