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Sat, 15 Oct 2011, 6:27pm #991
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Lensman wrote:

There was considerably more glacier melting at the end of the last ice age. Was that a "disaster" too? Well, it was for the Neanderthals. Perhaps someone should sue Mother Nature on their behalf?

Climate change is an ongoing part of nature. We need to quit whining about it and do what humans have always done: Adapt to change.
No it is only a disaster now because there are man things that caused it this time. There can be no other reason,it is settled science.

In a redneck sort a way, we only have so much ass to cash that check against.


Fri, 21 Oct 2011, 5:26am #992
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Now Global warming is a confirmed NON scam by some of the sceptics themselves:

The project was established by University of California physics professor Richard Muller, who was concerned by claims that established teams of climate researchers had not been entirely open with their data."So-called 'sceptics' should now drop their thoroughly discredited claims that the increase in global average temperature could be attributed to the impact of growing cities," he said.

"It is now time for an apology from all those, including US presidential hopeful Rick Perry, who have made false claims that the evidence for global warming has been faked by climate scientists."

"But we didn't; we found that the prior rise was confirmed. That means that we do not directly affect prior estimates."

It was time move on from this debate ten or more years ago, now it's time to to catch up on the ACTION required to mitigate the consequences of AGW.