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Wed, 11 Jan 2012, 12:25pm #1
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So we have two former Zenn employees including Patrick Kinzie with presumably at least some knowledge of the EESU now employed at Multimatic, a private company that has Magna as a minority shareholder and that has many Magna connections.

Patrick Kinzie, Executive Director, Global Business Development at Multimatic

Patrick joins Multimatic having forged a highly successful career in the areas of business, product and sales development within the global automotive industry. His passion and most significant successes have been associated with the commercialization of emerging technologies, offering a tremendous synergy with Multimatic’s commitment to developing an entirely innovative product portfolio. Previously held senior executive positions with Ventra Group, Stackpole and ZENN Motor Company have allowed Patrick to experience a broad and diverse range of products and business models. His automotive career started at Magna where he worked with many members of Multimatic’s present engineering team. Patrick holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Fardad Sadighian, Test Engineer at Multimatic

Multimatic is working on DSERD technology

Similar to the concept of regenerative braking, whereby deceleration energy is stored rather than dissipated, Multimatic’s DSERD technology converts road input energy into electricity that is stored in a capacitor for later use.

Do all roads lead to FS? Is Multimatic IN?


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Matt the Engineer
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Strange. Other than the DSERD they seem to be a completely mechanical company. I can't find anything else on their website with even an electrical component (though I admit I haven't tried that hard).

They seem inventive and flexible enough to use an EESU if one existed, though certainly not at the core of their business. Though they could certainly be useful for EESTOR to showcase their technology, being in a Formula-One style race.

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Good catch Muftee.

When JK shuttered the engineering department to save cash, he would have been smart to have the key people go to a partner company so that their knowledge is available on a contract basis when the time comes.

Or not. Muhahaahaha!

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I concur -- nice find, Muftee.

However, it appears that Multimatic is 40% owned by Magna Corp, not by Frank Stronach's new spin-off company ..... can someone confirm or refute this?

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Multimatic is one of my customers. They are not that big of a company. I would be very surprised if they were involved with Zenn and Eestor.

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eestorblog wrote:


maybe not but Rockwell is in ..right b?

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Rockwell is in? Wut, wut, Rockwell is in wut?

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